Don’t you hate that Sunday on a Sunday night? Tomorrow is school, homework is due, you haven’t done it, you haven’t practiced part of your assignment pretty much at all and your really tired because you’ve been out pretty much all weekend? Well even if you don’t, I definately do hate that feeling. You don’t want to do your homework, just don’t want to do anything but go to sleep. Or go on the computer for ages….or watch tv for ages as a matter of fact. I’m going to take a beautiful picture on me and if possible put it on here. I know that absolutely nobody if following me, has commented on any of my posts or even liked any of them! But hopefully someday they will. And they will look on this post and laugh. Or maybe not laugh, just chuckle. Or maybe not chuckle, just smile. I hope that they at least smile. Because smiling is one of the most beautiful things I know of. Thankyou, yours truly, Alice.

Posh and p.s. here’s the photo, if any of you remembered.



About aliwagk

I like ballet, hair and pools with people in them.
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One Response to Hmmmf.

  1. aliwagk says:

    Ugh I guess the photo didnt work then… X3

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