Don’t you love that one special moment when you feel absolutely over the moon and don’t even believe that anything could possibly go wrong at all?!?!?!?! Well that’s what I’m feeling right now. It’s the greatest. I’m also listening to a really good song that just makes me feel really happy and excited. It’s called Neon Lights by Natasha Bedlingfield. And. I’m. Loving. It. Ahhhhhhh bliss. I don’t think anyone should ever ever ever feel sad or mad or bad!  I even have an assignment due on monday part of which I haven’t even learnt and tomorrow I’m going to Sydney but OH WELL! LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE GRUMPY. Or sad. Or mad. I hope I never ever feel bad in any way ever again. After all this writing I’m listening to a new song. It’s not very happy, but not particularly sad either, in fact it’s really pretty piano music. And here’s a new song as well this ones cool to here are the songs, the piano one (it has cello in it too) is Your Song by Ellie Goulding and the second one is by Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeros called Home. I hope you enjoy these songs. I’m listening to a song playlist on a sight called Blondiey and its really pretty. In the bottom left hand corner it says: Click Here For Da Beats, if you click there you can listen to an awesome playlist so yeah, Bye now.


About aliwagk

I like ballet, hair and pools with people in them.
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